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Experience Extra Mileage on Your Inverter with  the LivShourya Inverter

Inverter Battery is the perfect partner for your inverter.  Engineered with advanced technology for seamless compatibility and high efficiency, it will withstand the rigors of daily use and last for years with minimal maintenance.

LivShourya Helps In Growing Business

From charging a smartphone or laptop, to powering up a cooker or cooler in camp, or being emergency blackout at home,

Full Time Power, Non-Stop Energy

Say goodbye to power outages and hello to LivShourya Inverters.  Reliable. Powerful. Durable. Our expansive range of inverters offers state-of-the-art smart technology and seamless efficiency to ensure all your appliances run uninterrupted be it your home or office. Any day, any time.

Liv-Shourya Power Systems

Liv-Shourya Power Systems is an Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) and inverter company Since its inception in 2021, Liv-Shourya is a good medium to inspire solar energy and other natural energy. it is present in Lucknow and has a manufacturing unit in New Delhi.

The founder of this company is Mr. Liyaquat Ali Ansari. Liv-Shourya Power Systems Private Limited started by Mr. Liyaquat Ali Ansari with support of Mr. Naushad Khan & Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal. Mr. Naushad Khan and Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal are strongly high technical and well experienced in power backup industry.

In view of the problems of electricity, this company was established so that people of all levels of the country can take advantage of natural energy by paying a reasonable price. Liv-Shourya has developed a range of unique Power Backup Solutions and Solar Products which differentiate it from the Industry. The diverse product range includes Inverters, Solar Power Conditioning Units (PWM & MPPT) Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Inverters, Off-Grid Solutions, and Customised Solar Solutions.

Livshourya is a trusted consumer brand which has earned itself a reputation for solidity and reliability.
Tried. Tested. Trusted.

Advancing the energy transition through innovation

Positive impact it has on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. It’s no wonder therefore that so many homes proudly have solar panels on the roof.


The sun has produced Solar Energy for billions of years. This energy can be converted into other forms of energy from the sun that is captured, stored and converted to electrical energy.

Home Solution

Thus far we have mainly relied on traditional sources of power, but more and more homeowners are leaning towards solar power systems for their homes.

Affordable Rate

Solar power offers huge savings. You save on expensive electricity bills, and with a short payback period, solar is an investment that actually pays you back.

Our Products

Liv-Shourya is a good medium to inspire solar energy & natural energy.

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